MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology: Why Things Happen as They do!

  MODE of Cosmic Therapy's Esoteric Psycho-Analytic Disclosure in Tragedy or Euphoria Nothing happens by accident. There are no mistakes. Everything transpires exactly and precisely as it did/does for reasons you are incapable of knowing at the time. Whether we accept this statement as fact or fallacy, the fact remains unchanged. "It' could not, will not, shall not have happened any other way. Nothing can ever be any different than it is!!! IF it transpired, "It' is the way is/was meant to ...
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Call of the Wild

A Fresh Paradigm for Living in Peace, Prosperity & Purpose When a feather falls at your feet, it means you are to travel on wings of curiosity. Don't be afraid of strange lands or a language you don't understand. The feather means freedom. Why else do you think the bird gave it to you? -Nancy Wood, Poet, on Native American Wisdom You come upon a snake in your path while ambling through the desert. What is the appearance of this snake saying about your life? You watch a hawk gliding back and ...
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Trusting One's Psychology

Many, having felt the unwarranted anxiety of extra exertion, may propose that a person should relax! Western man, with his ideas of temporal linearity and progress, is constantly conquering. Life for many is simply, and unknowingly, a dazzling spectacle: a pageant of archetypical warriors parading down a one-way street of time, wondering what riches lie ahead and yet behind them since they sprint backwards, motivated not by the unseen future rewards for their neurotic work, but propelled by the ...
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B>DEPTH PSYCHOLOGY (ARCHETYPES): - "All material bodies are condensations of frozen bodies." (2) Jung is becoming 'in vogue' again, I hear. Perhaps this time around it won't just involve so little real appreciation for all that he meant and understood. Dream interpretation and projected Western values can be a Freudian gambit - Jung grew to see things few will ever admit to in the present ideologies of the West. He was able to contact the future before the First World War and it almost ...
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Sports Psychology in 2007

Sport Psychology Sport psychology is the scientific study of the psychological factors that are associated with participation in sport, exercise and other types of physical activity. Sport psychologist show compassion while encouraging athletes. They listen and show that someone does care for these athletes. They come up with strategies for coping and other motivational techniques. Sport psychologist help athletes understand how participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity affects ...
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Very Few of Us Ever Dreamt of Having Careers in Psychology

When we are children we tend to dream about what we will do as adults. The many careers that we choose are one like police officers, school teachers, doctors, astronauts, cowboys and movie stars. While these tend to be childhood dreams that some of us follow, others will go into completely different directions. I am sure that very few of you ever dreamed of having a career in psychology. This is a career that performs an invaluable service to the world. Before we go any further you should ...
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Finding Direction

Finding Direction Finding Passion Series - 2 of 3 In order to find the right direction for ourselves, we have to do some soul searching. What is it I want to accomplish? Why? What kind of person do I want to become? Is it so weird to be in our thirties or forties and ask ourselves, "So, what do I want to be when I grow up?" What would make us jump out of bed excited and motivated to get the day started? Before getting into these big questions, we need to find out the roots behind our decisions. ...
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Hypnosis Cds Help you To Keep Your Eye on the Prize and prosper Getting Your Dream Job

  When you think of looking for a job during difficult times, you may feel dread. It seems so difficult to achieve your goal. There are very few jobs and many seekers. How can you even think about your dream job? Is it really out of reach? I have found that hypnosis cds keep my attitude good so that I can stay in the game. I have tried many methods to keep my attitude in the game. Hypnosis cds are affordable and offer daily reinforcement and encouragement.   When your mountain seems too high ...
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Finding Your Inner Flame

Finding Your Inner Flame Finding Passion Series - 3 of 3 Why is it that some goals have a fire and a passion behind them that creates an almost self-propelled drive towards completion, while other goals are left dead in the water before they've hardly even begun? What causes that level of motivation to manifest itself? Can we harness it? Can we predict when and where it will hit? The answers lie in finding out if the person setting the goal is in touch with his or her own deepest desires. Do ...
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4 Quick Steps to Find Out What Your Dream Is About

Dreams are our friends - yes, even nightmares! They can tell us a lot about our lives as well as give us a hint about secret desires, aspirations and ambitions. The trouble with dreams, however, is that, more often than not, they come to in a form of a bizarre mumbo-jumbo, more likely to complicate your search for truth than facilitate it. It is with this problem in mind that this article looks at four very easy steps to find out what your dream is about. 1. Record Your Dream If you are at all ...
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